Thursday, March 6, 2014

The "Pleaser", "Boss" and, "Excluder" - The 3 Worst Types of Managers

We have all had managers that just did some things that got under our skin. I suspect that we have had managers or people that we have worked with that maybe have exhibited some of these traits. I have and I just wanted to share to help the community of managers and non-managers alike. Feel free to leave a comment
  1. The "Pleaser" - You would think that the "pleaser" would be a good thing. This manager is out to make sure you are happy, right? Wrong...they are solely focused on pleasing their manager and managing up. For example:
    1. They prevent you from attending meetings as they are worried that you will say something that is not aligned with what they have been telling people. 
    2. They constantly talk about framing everything the right way, when in reality they are obfuscating the truth so that they always present a rosy picture.
    3. They change their mind depending on the pay grade of the person making a suggestion. They will never disagree with certain folks.
  2. The "Boss" - This is the manager that doesn't really listen to what you are saying. They think about what they are going to say and aren't interested in digging into what you are saying or the point you are trying to make. They want to talk in order to sound authoritative or in charge. For example:
    1. You say something in a meeting and literally five seconds later they repeat it slightly differently as way to show that they are somehow in command of the situation.
    2. They are too focused on their meetings and schedules to make time for you. Constantly managing up takes time...too much time for you.
    3. They are never wrong. They never take responsibility for their own actions or contributions to the challenges you are facing.
  3. The "Excluder" - This is a manager that only shares something if you ask for it. You always feel excluded. Sometimes you don't even know what is going with your product and sometimes you are the last to know. For example:
    1. Your manager has been having meetings with a partner without telling you. They add a roadmap item based on those discussion and when you ask about it, they inform you of the partnership and the meetings that have been going on.
    2. You didn't realize your product had a dropbox folder with a lot of great content that could have helped you. Several months after you start you ask for content and then they realize that they never shared that content with you. 
    3. Your product is getting a company wide demo run by your manager. You hear about a demo going on, but have no idea about with whom or why. You email your manager and ask to be invited to the demo. Your manager informs you it is company wide and that they "forgot" to tell you.
While all of these types of managers have driven me nuts in the past, it is more likely that no one manager has all of these traits. What are your thoughts? Anything you want to add?

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